The first preview images from Josh Bayer’s Raw Power 2

Praise for Raw Power #1

“Now I know the real truth about the Carter administration. Finally.” - Tim Callahan

” I could argue that the artist of the year was Michael DeForge or Josh Bayer based on their comics/mini-comics output.” Robert Clough

“Josh Bayer is now one of my favorite authors, and one of my greatest discoveries in the current landscape of comics fanzines.” Santiago Garcia

“Normally having something non-musical compared to punk rock is a sure sign that the person making the comparison has absolutely no idea about what punk rock is or has ever been, but in this case it’s totally justified.” Mat Colegate, the Quietus 

“Every page of Josh Bayer’s Raw Power overflows with energetic, cruel, high level,  scribbly,  hatched drawing ….page after page, Bayer lovingly punches the reader in the face with his art…. This comic breaks a lot of closely held comic rules–draw the characters consistently panel after panel, don’t vary their weight, height, make them recognizable–in fact it breaks them so strongly that you may want to believe they’ve been rendered irrelevant. “ 

Austin English, The Comics Journal

“That Josh Bayer dude is a force of nature!” 

- Tom Neely

RAW POWER by Josh Bayer was my favorite thing i picked up at the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Fest - it’s a superhero slap upside yer head infused w/ kirby/panter/miller/crumb goodness - beware the CAT MAN - you wouldn’t wanna do his wash! -Jeff Newlet, Comics Editor/Writer for HEEB, Smith Mag, and RF Magazine

“I love Josh’s stuff. Fuck The World.” Raymond Pettibon

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